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Fleet Management System
1 A Telematics device (GPS tracker) is installed on the vehicle by a licensed mechanic.
2 The device can be optionally connected to the vehicle’s CAN BUS and external sensors.
3 Users manage their fleet online via PowerFleet web and mobile apps.


real time
PowerFleet displays in real time the vehicle location, direction of movement, speed, travelled route etc. Real time locations help companies calculate ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) to next point of visit and notify customers accordingly.
PowerFleet keeps a detailed history of all travelled routes, customer visits, driving and idle times, total travelled distance for the whole fleet etc.
Drivers receive the planned route on their smartphone/tablet. The application features navigation, real-time notifications of route changes, PoD (Proof of delivery) and many more.
διαχείριση πελατών
GEOLOCATION of POIs (Points of Interest)
POIs location data can be uploaded to the system via a bulk upload mechanism. The geocoding module accepts unlimited number of uploaded POIs of several categories (customers, suppliers, depots etc) and provides a user friendly management platform for displaying them on digital maps.
PowerFleet displays data from several sensors such as cargo temperature, door openings, driver identification, SOS button etc. Furthermore, vehicle specific data can be retrieved from the on-board computer, such as fuel level and consumption, engine temperature, engine RPM and more.
PowerFleet immediately notifies TMOs (Transport Managements Officers) in case of critical alerts, such as overspeed, geofence violation, temperature etc.
PowerFleet includes an advanced BI (Business Intelligence) algorithm for exporting several customized reports and statistics for a certain time period. Reports include working hours, travelling hours, idle hours, travelled distance, temperatures graphs, RPMs etc.
οδηγική συμπεριφορά
PowerFleet monitors several driving behavior related parameters (such us overspeeding, acceleration, braking, cornering, RPMs etc) in order to dynamically crate eco-driving profiles per driver.


σημεία ενδιαφέροντος
PowerFleet keeps track of all vehicle stops associated with customer (or POIs in general) visits. These visits produce BI reports about customer’s visits records (date-time of visit, vehicle duration etc) and help keep a proof of service or delivery for your customers. Aligned with the PoD inherent algorithm, this function provides a liable mechanism for guaranteed deliveries.
PowerFleet includes a fully functional fleet management ERP module for handling data related to vehicle usage and costs. ERP data include service records, fuel invoices, callback records, tires, leasing and insurance contracts, driver licenses etc. Detailed cost reports are generated and TMOs are notified about required actions on time.
The telematics device can be inductively connected to the vehicles CANBUS in order to read special information such as real time fuel consumption, RPMs , engine temperature, axles weight etc.
σημείο στο χάρτη
VRP (Vehicle Routing Problem) OPTIMIZATION
PowerFleet OPTIMO uses metaheuristic algorithms in order to solve complex multiple route optimization problems with constraints (time windows, capacity and demand, restricted locations, drivers’ breaks etc).



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screenshot real time
Real Time Vehicle Locations
ERP οχημάτων
ERP Vehicle info
CAN BUS πληροφορίες
κατανάλωση καυσίμου
Fuel consumption
θερμοκρασία ψυγείου
Cargo Temperature graphs
screenshot δρομολογίου
Route Optimization

Fleet Management System

Fleet management can be applied to all vehicles (cars, trucks, motorbikes, vessels, construction machinery etc) and provides a thorough monitoring system of a company’s fleet. PowerFleet, is one of the most innovative Fleet Management systems and allows companies to:
  • Keep their fleet in a state of the art condition based on ERP data combined with the vehicles locations
  • Improve productivity, quality of service and eco driving performance
  • Significant cost savings (fuels, repairs, transportation etc)

PowerFleet use and consequently the overall management of the vehicle fleet can be done by any member of the company’s personnel: vehicle, supply, transport and distribution supervisors, as well as by the vendors / drivers themselves, who can be aided by navigation, distribution list display and the management of their points of interest.

How does a Vehicle Fleet Management work?

Usually, a telematics device is installed on each vehicle so that we know via satellite (GPS and GLONASS) the exact location of the vehicle, which can be tracked immediately. The satellite, apart from the coordinates, provides also data such as speed and distances travelled by the vehicle. If additional information is required, such as data regarding cabin temperature, motor speed, fuel consumption, etc. we should connect the telematics device with the relevant sensors or the vehicle’s CAN BUS (brain). The telematics device can send us movement and sensors data using a mobile network provider (it has a SIM card). PowerFleet receives this data and displays on maps the vehicles’ movements, exports advanced reports, creates alerts and facilitates monitoring, tracking and the overall management of the vehicles, drivers, routes and points of interest.

Each PowerFleet user, depending on the assigned user rights, monitors and manages the vehicles s/he is responsible of, using any device with Internet access (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet) with a perfectly ergonomic and user-friendly interface.

What are the applications of a Vehicle Fleet Management System?

The effective fleet management achieved with PowerFleet allows the combination of data received by the tracking system and the brain of each vehicle, so that we can get information about the driving behaviour (speed, abrupt braking, prolonged stop with the engine running, etc.). Moreover, each vehicle, or a group of vehicles, can be treated as cost centres, so that to draw conclusions for their requirements in terms of financial resources (fuel, service, insurances, etc). PowerFleet can inform us of events, such as travelling within and outside of the specified area, high cabin temperature, tyre replacement, and many more. In particular, PowerFleet vehicle fleet management system can also be used as an anti-theft vehicle tracking tool, informing us immediately if the vehicle’s battery is removed, it moves without permission, out of hours, outside assigned the geographical limits, etc. Furthermore, it can be used as a tool for ERP management of the vehicles, in which invoices and contracts are recorded, as well as all other information for each vehicle. It is also possible to activate the corresponding alerts for the next service, tyre replacement, etc.

A reliable vehicle fleet management system, like PowerFleet, allows us to have advanced reports and Proof of Delivery for visits to clients or other points of interest. In addition, we have available route history reports with geographical display, fuel consumptions, kilometres travel, and many more. PowerFleet allows us to manage the routes, assign routes to drivers and get smart reports informing us of their progress and completion. At the same time, drivers can use the specialised Android application to interact with the transportation management office, providing feedback for their stops, navigating to the next points and seeing the route assigned to them.

Vehicle Fleet Management with Multiple Routing – Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP)

Apart from just vehicle tracking and tracing, PowerFleet offers the most integrated service for route optimisation. PowerFleet OPTIMO allows automatic generation and optimisation of multiple routes of each vehicle, while taking into account several parameters, among which the following are included: client visit time windows, client demand, vehicle capacity, the possibility of avoiding tolls, ensuring EU drivers' hours standard, etc. PowerFleet’s user states the points of visits, as well as the available vehicles. PowerFleet OPTIMO generates automatically for each vehicle the route to be completed, providing the ability to monitor the completion of scheduled routes and allowing direct interaction between the transportation manager and the drivers.

Υποχρεωτικό το σύστημα εντοπισμού θέσης (GPS) στις μεταφορές επικινδύνων αποβλήτων
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PowerFleet Dynamic Routing στην 8η Διεθνή Έκθεση
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  • One of the largest oil companies in Greece selected PowerFleet for the management of its vehicle fleet. Particularly demanding in terms of quality, the company paid particular attention to the completeness of the software and the reliability of the equipment. The need to install the system and support the vehicles in different cities and towns, from Crete to Alexandroupolis, was a challenge, but the network of partners – PowerFleet installation technicians responded perfectly. Today, PowerFleet is used throughout Greece by Aegean Oil officers, who manage all tankers and private vehicles of the company.

    Aegean Oil
  • Nea Odos company has undertaken the construction/maintenance of new road axes of Athens-Lamia and Antirrio-Ioannina (Ionia Motorway). In total, the company manages 380 km of motorways. Nea Odos uses PowerFleet for the management of patrol cars, which supervise all the motorway. The company’s requirements in terms of reliability and speed is particularly high, as the system is used 24 hours a day, all year round. PowerFleet responds fully to this difficult task, having succeeded 100% uptime in the first year of its operation! In addition, PowerFleet’s GPS/GPRS devices demonstrated once more their reliability, as they work seamlessly even in vehicles travelling 20,000 km per month.

    Nea Odos
  • PowerFleet Government edition was selected by the Ministry of Finance to control all the tankers of the country according to the current legislation. With PowerFleet, the authorities acquire a powerful tool in the field of energy product transport. Having long experience in vehicle fleet management, iLink configured PowerFleet according to the particularly high needs of this project, both at the operational and at the technical level. PowerFleet Government edition operates at the facilities of the General Secretariat of Information Systems and it supports 18,000 vehicles, being the greatest installation of such a system in Greece and one of the greatest in Europe.

    Ministry of Finance
fleet management system