What is PowerFleet?

PowerFleet is an innovative fleet management system built on latest technologies such as GPS, mobile data communications, GIS and cloud computing. It provides a full set of information such as exact location of your vehicles, customers visits, sensor data, route optimization etc. All the information is presented on high resolution digital maps.

How does it work?

A telematics GPS/GPRS device, installed on the vehicle, sends the position and other information to PowerFleet servers. The software is a web-based application, accessible by any computer with an internet connection.

Where is the device installed inside the vehicle?

The device is installed in the dashboard of the vehicle.

Is the device visible?

No the device is not visible.

Does PowerFleet support external sensors?

Simply yes. The most common cases include door digital sensors, temperature analog sensors, drivers identification sensors (i-button) etc

Can PowerFleet receive data from the vehicle’s CANBUS?

PowerFleet supports receiving and analyzing CANBUS information for most vehicles manufactured after 2004 (and some older ones). CANBUS data, among others, include real time fuel level, fuel consumption, RPMs, engine temperature etc. PowerFleet connects to the CANBUS wires inductively minimizing any risk of interference to the electronics of the vehicle.

Can PowerFleet navigate my drivers?

PowerFleet OPTIMO mobile app that allows the drivers to receive information about their assigned route, navigation, PoD (Proof of Delivery) and more features.

Does PowerFleet provide VRP (Vehicle Routing Problem) solutions?

PowerFleet supports route optimization and dispatching to the corresponding vehicles-drivers. PowerFleet OPTIMO is a VRP solver that takes into account several constraints (demand, time windows, capacity and many more). PowerFleet OPTIMO allows resources optimal utilization, maximizing cost savings and guarantying 100% service delivery