Equipment – GPS trackers

A Telematics device (GPS tracker) is a device that allows recording of an entity’s location data, together with information from connected sensors. GPS/GPRS trackers save in their internal RAM all GPS signals as the entity moves and periodically transmit them to the main server of the application.
PowerFleet servers receive these signals and provides all related data about movement, routes, reports etc

The main Telematics devices used in PowerFleet are:



Vehicle Telematics devices: These devices are suitable for all types of vehicles. Devices are installed inside the cabin and can be optionally connected to various sensors and the vehicles CANBUS. Installations are performed by licensed technicians supervised by our team of engineers.




Personal Trackers: These devices are suitable for entities tracking where a permanent installation is not possible, e.g people, rent vehicles etc. They have a rechargeable battery which enables operation up to 36h, depending on the position update interval. External sensors are usually not connected to this type of devices.




Asset Trackers:  These devices are used for tracking assets where extra long battery life is necessary, e.g. containers. They have high capacity batteries and transmit GPS locations less frequently in order to conserve power.




PowerFleet Mobile Tracker: PowerFleet Tracker is an Android application which performs GPS tracking, substituting a fully featured telematics device. PowerFleet Tracker is suitable for tracking people and also for evaluating the system, without the need of a permanent installation.

Device manufacturers are established companies and long partners of iLink. All devices are CE certified.