Solutions 9 Conference

Case Studies of Telematics innovative solutions

Adcanced PowerFleet solutions were presented at the Solutions 9.0 Conference on 30+ logistics benchmarks for leading Supply Chains organized by the Supply Chain Institute with the scientific support of PLANNING More specifically, the way of how the efficiency indicators in cost of consumption and maintenance were improved as well as available service hours per vehicle was presented for the Geniki Tachidromiki fleet through a combination of telematics and vehicles' ERP platform. There was an...

OPTIMO participates in the #DigitalSolidarityGR initiative

iLink New Technologies seeks to support companies that use their vehicle fleet on a daily basis to supply the food, medicine and other product markets, meeting our basic, among other, needs. iLink offers for three months the PowerFleet Optimo platform for multiple routing and route management as part of the #DigitalSolidarityGR initiative, organised by the Ministry of Digital Governance. With PowerFleet OPTIMO companies operating in the supply chain are able to meet the new requirements...
School Bus

Safe transportation of children to and from school with PowerFleet OPTIMO

PowerFleet Optimo safeguards the transportation of children and is the ultimate tool for all educational institutions because it ensures: Updates for school bus location at any time through the telematics system. Automatically scheduled route through the multiple routing system, taking into account children’s shorter duration of stay in the vehicle, as well as other parameters such as school bus capacity, the schedule etc. Immediate update of the transportation management office from the driver...
Cargo Truck & Van Expo - ekthesi Logistics 2019

PowerFleet OPTIMO in the 7th International Exhibition “Supply Chain & Logistics” – Cargo Truck & Van Expo 2019

This year iLink will present in Cargo Truck & Van Expo 2019 that will take place at Metropolitan Expo simultaneously with the 7th International Exhibition “Supply Chain & Logistics” and Logi.c multi-conference, its complete and upgraded suite for vehicle fleet management PowerFleet OPTIMO. We expect to see you 9-11 of November at our stand A15 in Hall 4. iLink is an innovative Greek enterprise that has developed the most complete fleet management system with multiple routing. PowerFleet...

Vertical PowerFleet in Nea Odos

Nea Odos is the company that deals with the construction and maintenance of the “Ionia Odos” & “Kentriki Odos” highways. The total length of the highways exceeds 500Kms and are vital highways, part of the Ten-T project for improving the LPI (Logistics Position Index) of Greece.

PowerFleet OPTIMO

PowerFleet OPTIMO is a sophisticated application providing a set of solutions to vehicles routing optimization (VRP). OPTIMO is provided in the RaaS model (Routing as a Service). In other words it can be provided as a part of PowerFleet but can also be consumed as a set of independent correlated services. iLink participating in the Cargo Truck & Van Expo & Logistics Conference iLink participated in the 6 th international excibition about the logistics sector which is going to take place...
cargo truck & van expo logo

iLink participating in the Cargo Truck & Van Expo & Logistics Conference

iLink participated in the 6 th international excibition about the logistics sector which is going to take place on the 4 th , 5 th and 6 th of November 2017. iLink will be in Hall 4 at the newly created department for professional trucks. Visit as at Hall 4 and you will be notified about our advanced Telematics Solutions as well as our unique RaaS (Routing as a Service) model, OPTIMO.
PowerFleet Municipality

PowerFleet Municipality

IoT and Telematics in the service of Garbage collection. iLink presented its innovative product for waste trucks management during the crowdhackathon #smartcity event organized by the Municipalities Federation. PowerFleet Municipality provides: Waste trucks fleet management & tracking Geolocation and handling of all waste bins Automatic weighing of each bin load during garbage collection (by using RFID sensors) Routes optimization Huge cost savings