Case Studies of Telematics innovative solutions

Solutions 9 Conference

Adcanced PowerFleet solutions were presented at the Solutions 9.0 Conference on 30+ logistics benchmarks for leading Supply Chains organized by the Supply Chain Institute with the scientific support of PLANNING More specifically, the way of how the efficiency indicators in cost of consumption and maintenance were improved as well as available service hours per vehicle was presented for the Geniki Tachidromiki fleet through a combination of telematics and vehicles' ERP platform. There was an extensive reference to the problem of creating the best visits' schedule for the sales department regarding existing and new customers throught Greece. This problem was also solved by PowerFleet Optimo, taking into consideration multiple parameters such as:

  • the number of the available business development and account managers
  • the categorization of the points of sale based on the importance of the customer,
  • the implementation period, 
  • the visit rate depending on the importance category
  • special requirements (eg overnight stays out of home)

PowerFleet Optimo managed to create sales' centers(bases) with preference on local account managers and a daily visits' schedule for each one of them.

The PowerFleet Team is at your disposal for further analysis of the results of the combined telematics solutions, while you can find our presentation on the conference