PowerFleet OPTIMO - Route Optimization

PowerFleet OPTIMO - Διαχείριση Δρομολογίων

PowerFleet OPTIMO is a sophisticated application providing solutions to vehicle routing problems (VRP). It automates the process of creating optimized routes for the company’s vehicles. The algorithm takes into consideration several constraints for constructing the optimal routes, such as:

  • Customer demand
  • Customer time window
  • Service time
  • Vehicle’s capacity
  • Driver’s working hours
  • European drivers legislation about break intervals
  • Vehicle’s start and end route points
  • Multiple depots
  • Restricted locations
  • Frequency of visits
  • Smart tolls avoidance etc

The main features of PowerFleet OPTIMO are:

  • POIs handling and management on digital maps
  • Automatic routes optimization
  • Routes dispatching to drivers PowerFleet Mobile App
  • Real time monitoring of routes execution and immediate feedback
  • Advanced mobile app for drivers allowing them to navigate and provide a PoD (Proof of Delivery) to the TMO (Transport Management Office)
  • Customer notification about ETA
  • BI customized reports
  • Interconnection with existing ERPs through RESTful Web Services

OPTIMO is provided in the RaaS model (Routing as a Service). Using PowerFleet OPTIMO routes become shorter, resources are utilized in a cost saving way, customers’ expectations are maximized, added value is achieved, QoS is guaranteed, ETA is feasible. All these actions build customer loyalty in a sustaining model. Furthermore, real time monitoring of the executed routes allows immediate intervention and adjustments in case of unexpected events.