Safe transportation of children to and from school with PowerFleet OPTIMO

School Bus

PowerFleet Optimo safeguards the transportation of children and is the ultimate tool for all educational institutions because it ensures:

  • Updates for school bus location at any time through the telematics system.
  • Automatically scheduled route through the multiple routing system, taking into account children’s shorter duration of stay in the vehicle, as well as other parameters such as school bus capacity, the schedule etc.
  • Immediate update of the transportation management office from the driver in each stop regarding the successful pick-up of the student using a user-friendly mobile application.
  • Timely and on-site update of the parent by the driver through SMS when the school bus is approaching, so as to avoid any unnecessary stay of the student away from home.

The transportation management office can plan the routes within a few minutes, utilising optimally the available vehicles while reducing children’s duration of stay in the vehicles. PowerFleet OPTIMO creates the routes automatically and assigns them to the available vehicles.
Each route is displayed in the driver’s mobile application, featuring a user-friendly interface which allows the driver to:

  • Navigate to the next stop, taking into account road traffic;
  • immediately update the transportation management office for pre-specified actions using a drop-down list and add free-text comments,
  • send an SMS to the parent indicating the position just with one button.

All information about the scheduled routes is presented in a report, which is created in real time and includes data gathered both from the telematics devices installed in the vehicles and from the driver’s application.