OPTIMO participates in the #DigitalSolidarityGR initiative


iLink New Technologies seeks to support companies that use their vehicle fleet on a daily basis to supply the food, medicine and other product markets, meeting our basic, among other, needs. iLink offers for three months the PowerFleet Optimo platform for multiple routing and route management as part of the #DigitalSolidarityGR initiative, organised by the Ministry of Digital Governance.

With PowerFleet OPTIMO companies operating in the supply chain are able to meet the new requirements resulting from the pandemic response measures, and to effectively manage the problem of planning and optimising their daily routes.

The service is provided by the online platform PowerFleet OPTIMO, from any computer with Internet access. The transportation manager is able, even from home, to provide the required information to the system and then create automatically routes for the available vehicles, taking into account several parameters (time windows, demand, capacity, vehicle shifts and many more).

Drivers can utilise the Android application of their smartphone or tablet to navigate to the delivery points, update the transportation management office using the options menu and/or free text regarding the progress of deliveries and to send directly the Proofs of Delivery. All information is saved in PowerFleet OPTIMO, allowing the transport manager to be informed of the progress of deliveries in real time.

iLink’s team is at your disposal for more information and enquiries, having all the appropriate means and being fully prepared to provide the best possible services during this difficult period, too.