απορριμματοφόρα ΟΤΑ

PowerFleet has been installed at many waste trucks improving municipalities’ garbage collection operations. 

PowerFleet imports geographical locations of available municipality garbage bins. The correlation of waste trucks with the actual location of the bins allows the generation of several business intelligence reports that improve the municipalities’ work. Furthermore the utilization of the resources becomes extremely optimal.

The main features of PowerFleet Municipality are:

  • Ρeal time geolocation of waste trucks
  • Geolocation of all garbage bins
  • Automatic weighing of garbage collected 
  • Automatic bin identification via RFID technology
  • Route optimization and driver navigation
  • Sensor data (driver identification, sos button, fuel consumption etc)

By utilizing PowerFleet Municipality a municipality can achieve:

  • Up to 40% cost reduction in transportation cost
  • Avoidance of unnecessary stops at empty bins
  • Resource optimization
  • Increased quality of service in the garbage collection process, maximizing citizen satisfaction