Our Clients

More than 100 private businesses and public sector organisations have chosen Powerfleet for their fleet management.

Here are some:

Aegean Oil

One of the biggest oil companies in Greece has chosen PowerFleet as their fleet management system. Quality being on top of its priorities, Aegean Oil has appreciated the rich feature set and simplicity of the software and the reliability of the telematics equipment.

The managed fleet of Aegean Oil consists of numerous oil tankers as well as cars and vans.

SOS Doctors AE

SOS Doctors provide residential medical care in emergency situations, 24 hours a day. The company uses PowerFleet to manage their privately owned fleet of vehicles.

The operations center locates the nearest doctor to a patient who has asked for help and dispatches them accordingly, dramatically reducing response time.

Aktor Construction

The biggest Greek construction company with considerable presence in the Balkans and the Middle East uses PowerFleet to manage construction trucks.

The requirements of the company were particularly special as it asked for features not available in any similar system. The programming team of PowerFleet responded quickly and within a relatively short period the new features had been integrated into the system.

PowerFleet is now able to weigh vehicles wirelessly while on the move, identify truck unloading and monitor excavator workload through movement sensors. Moreover, the telematics equipment of PowerFleet has proved its reliability under extreme temperature and dust conditions.

Moreas Motorways J/V

Moreas J/V manages 205km of modern motorways in southern Greece and uses PowerFleet in order to monitor and coordinate their patrol vehicles. Reliability is of prime concern, since the system is operated on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year.

PowerFleet has exceeded the customer’s requirements, having achieved 100% uptime during the first year of operation. The telematics devices have also proved their stability even on vehicles which travel 250,000km per year.

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